Memory doesnt show as ddr 800 MHZ on a Gigabyte board

I built this machine with the components listed below a few months ago as a basic work workhorse. I never really paid attention to it but when i installed easy tune 6 the memory shows as PC 2 - 6400 (400 MHZ) not at 800 MHZ. any ideas on why this is ?
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  1. Go into the BIOS with a <DEL> at the first POST screen; on the "Advanced BIOS Features" page, set "AMD K8 Cool&Quiet control" to "Disabled"; your system is likely 'down-clocking' to save energy...
  2. "Double Data Rate" Actual 400mhz, but 800mhz effective.
  3. skittle said:
    "Double Data Rate" Actual 400mhz, but 800mhz effective.

    thanks for the response but i am confused by what you wrote. do you mean its running at 800 mhz ?
  4. yes, however the clock is running at 400mhz. This is how DDR works... it sends data at the rise and fall of the clock tick.
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