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Not too long ago (Sometime in April 08) I built myself a gaming PC. Here are the specs so far;

Q9450 running at 2.66GHZ
4 x 1 GB DDR2 RAM
Asus Maximus Formula
Corsair 620 Watt PSU
160GB 7200 Hitachi HDD
8800 GTS (G92)
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
Low end case

Now if I where to spend about £250 on this, where would the money be best placed in upgrading? I use this computer for surfing the internet (Alot of multi tasking) and games. I have a 22" monitor so the games are running at 1680X1050.

I was thinking about buying a Western Digital VelociRaptor. This should make opening programs, game loading and boot time alot faster. How much of a difference would I see going from a standard 7200 RPM HDD with a 5.7 Vista raiting?

EDIT: Also is there only one version of the 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor?
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  1. The Velociraptor isn´t worth it. Your best bet would be to switch the ram for 2x2gb of 800 or1066 should run about £50 and use the £200 for a GTX 260. That would give you a boost.
  2. i would say stay with the velociraptors for speed.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I always thought thats 4 sticks of RAM would run better then 2 because there would be more bandwidth. The GTX 260 is a good idea if my PSU can handle that much.

    Is there a speed difference between the 150 GB Western Digital VelociRaptor and the 300 GB. I thought that 300 GB would be slightly faster because of its track density.
  4. The 300 GB Western Digital VelociRaptor is £240 and the 150 GB is £150. Would it not be a better idea to buy 2 of the 150 GBs and raid 0 them? If I was to upgrade my hard drive of course.
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