Computer won't boot, please help!

Hi, my computer won't boot. It was having problems loading and it would freeze and need to be restarted. I did virus checks and all that to be on the safe side and found nothing. Today it wouldn't boot at all and pulled up the Recovery Console. I didn't do anything with that simply because I don't know what it is but I did manage to get it started in Safe Mode. From there I tried to pull all my documents and photos and whatnot but the damn thing froze up again. Now, it won't go past the "Verifying DMI Pool Data..." thing. Can't even get it to Safe Mode anymore.

It said boot from CD, so I pulled up the BIOS settings and changed it hard disk but that didn't work either. Aside from that and safe mode I don't know what else to do.

I don't really know jack about computers, so if you all could provide me with as much detail as possible that would really help me out. All I am worried about it getting all my docs and photos. If you need any more info than that just let me know, please. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Ok. You have a few things going for you right now.

    First off, getting your files off the hard drive shouldn't be hard. Try using Ubuntu ( with this guide ( The guide is a little outdated, but the instructions point you in the right direction. That will help you back up your files.

    After that is done, run the manufacturer's hard drive diagnostics on the hard drive (SeaGate hard drives use SeaTools, Western Digital's use Data Lifeguard Tools, etc). If it comes up defective, replace it.

    Regardless if the hard drive is good or not, I would just reinstall the operating system regardless. It sounds like you have an incorrectable error going on. Would be easier to just reinstall.
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