Worth upgrading my video cards for this resolution

I'm currently using the following-

E8400 o.c. to 3.5Ghz
4Gb 800Mhz (roughly at 940Mhz) G.Skill ddr2
Asrock Penryn 1600sli-110db motherboard
2x8800gt sli running at 700Mhz core
H.P. w1907 19" monitor (1440x900)
Seagate Barracuda 500GB hd
Dual boot XP 64-bit and Vista 32-bit

Is it worth selling of these cards and getting the 4850x2 or 4870x2 at the res. I'm playing at? I dont plan on upgrading my monitor for at least another year. Any opinions are welcome.
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  1. Other than Crysis, one 8800GT can handle that resolution.
  2. 8800GT can handle Crysis too on that resolution.
    IMO keep your card,for that resolution,8800GT can handle games fine :)
  3. 2 8800GT in SLI can handle pretty much every game at that resolution.
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