Need help with Watercooling!

I don't know if this is the right place to post, but i couldn't find any other places where this would fit.
I have been looking through some watercooling stickies in Tomshardware, sadly they didn't help me at all.

I would appreciate advice, answers and suggestions from you guys.

I currently got 2 ATI HD Radeon 5970's and a i7-930 i want watercooled in a Corsair 800D case.
I'm gonna OC the GPU's and CPU, so my question will be, am i gonna need 2 loops to run this setup?

So far i thought about some basic stuff like,

2x EK 5970 Full Cover Acetal+Nickel

1x Swifttech Apogee CPU waterblock

The pump/s is gonna be either Swiftech MCP655 or Swiftech MCP355

Probably a internal tube reservoir from EK. (If 2 loops, will i need more than one? Is a bay reservoir any good?)

At least a 120mm Triple at the top of the case (Or is it 140mm?)

I would like a really quiet computer, with high performance.

I am insecure about the fitting and tube sizes. I would like the fittings to be from Bitspower and the tubing from Tygon.

This is one of my first watercooling systems i am about to order, so go easy on me.
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  1. Hi.

    I thin that u need two waterblock, one by GPU.
  2. If anyone that can help me point out if 2 loops are necessary?
  3. You would be better off with 2 loops, yes, but not *required*. Either way, you need to have enough radiator for the amount of heat you are attempt to expel from the loop(s).
  4. Hi, yes you will need two loops, unless off coarse you go with black ice radiators and very high speed fans which can theoretically remove 1400w of heat. If you OC your CPU and GPU's that will add extra heat into the loop. Also remember the obsidian has a very poor design for airflow and static pressure, might want to add the rads outside the case. GL
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