anyone have any idea about sli or crossfire??? im a newbe. i have at present a gforce 9800gt xxx it says its sli ready i also have a second one in a cuboard, whats the benifit of sticking them both in? is it just a case of putting them in and thats it or is it a pain to set up? my board gigabyte ma790x-ds4 says Dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 graphics interfaces with ATI CrossFireX™ support for extreme gaming performan. does that mean i can just insert these 2 cards together and thats it? and info would be excellent
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  1. You need a Mother Board that supports SLI for those 9800's.
  2. SLI can only be used with a Nvidia chipset equipped board. You have a AMD chipset board which can be used for crossfire. Each board will accept and use a single Nvidia or AMD graphic card. HD4870x2, 4850x2, GTX295 count as a single card and crossfire or SLI is not needed. Your 9800GT will work fine in your 790X board, but you cannot SLI another one.
  3. ah well just have to sell it cheers for the advice guys
  4. Im seeing alot of these post's i have recently Purchased another ATI 4850 TOP to run crossfire, well i was dumb and didnt do my research /slap me I currently have an ASUS M2N-SLI from my build about 2 months ago, well come to find out my board does not support Crossfire, but does support SLI, I was wondering if anyone in this type of situation AKA you have NVIDIA cards but a Crossfire ready Mobo, if anyone is willing to do a Trade let me know ill create a TomsHardware profile also my email is thesr5@gmail (dot) com. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  5. sorry m8 i just put my extra card up 4 sale with a phenom 2 920
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