ECS P4M800Pro-M v1.0A kingston memory problem

I just recently bought 1gb of pc4200 DDR2 ram from the egg. I have a ECS P4M800Pro-M v1.0A. I removed the old DDR ram because you can't use DDR and DDR2 at the same time and just put in the new 1gb stick. I booted and on the black boot up screen it detected only 512mb of DDR2. It went into windows xp with no other problems though. I went into the system properties and it also only detects 512mb of ram. I then ran CPUZ and PC WIZARD 2008 and those programs detected the full stick. I can still do everything i did before but i was hoping for some performance increases with 1gb. My problem is that only half of the ram is detected. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have updated the bios once but the latest update from ECS would no update. I have also tried the other slot but i get the same result.


Window XP
ECS P4M800Pro-M v1.0A mobo
Kingston ValueRAM 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200)
30gb harddrive
ATI 9200se
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  1. Hey OP, have you tried resetting your CMOS? Maybe your BIOS just needs refreshing after the memory change.
  2. Hi,

    I have the same motherboard (well, v2.0 but it's the same pretty much). The problem is that the ram you have received is of a higher density that is not supported by the motherboard. If you look at your ram module you'll see it is single-sided, where there are 8 chips on one side and none on the other. The module is 1 rank of 1GB, however the motherboard can only read up to 512MB from a single rank (hence why only 512MB is recognized). Your ram is at the density 128Mx8 or higher.

    What you need is a lower density ram, which is quite hard to find these days... back when the P4M800PRO-M was first being manufactured this type of ram was more common. Look for ram that is 64Mx8. This will be double-sided ram, where there are 8 chips on each side of the module.. making a total of 16 chips. This is because there are two ranks, a rank of 512MB on one side and another rank of 512MB on the other side.. making together 1GB that is fully recognized by the motherboard.

    Having searched hard for the right type of ram, I can give you a link to the ram that is perfect for this mobo:

    I have two of those and it's working fine, as you can see its 64Mx8 with 16 chips.. speed is the maximum that the motherboard supports. There are some others I found but they are mostly generic and/or very low quality. :)
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