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My computer has been mysteriously off every morning for the past 3 days, however, the stranger thing is that it turns on with the touch of my keyboard(its never done that before) almost like its in a suspend/standby mode. it is starting pre post, so i know its not that. it loads windows (xp pro) with no errors. all suspend stuff is disabled in display properties. only to turn off monitor after 15 min. computer is on fine all day. the only thing i changed recently is Just got a new case(antec 300), and Power supply(coolmax 700w modular)is there somthing about this that could doing it. any suggestions would help ive tried everything i can think of.
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  1. It sounds like it's just going into standby to me, which is normal. If you don't like it going into standby, you can disable it. Just go into Control Panel->Performance and Maintenance->Power Options and tell it to never go into standby.
  2. It is either going into stand-by or you have any key set as a hotkey to turn the computer on. I think this is in the control panel under power options but I can´t really remember.
  3. shortsuff---it is already set to never goto standby. the computer is completely off after i am gone for more than 5-6 hours(sleeping, work). i am trying to figure out why it is turning itself off. would a bad power supply act this way. i know im not pulling too much power(just one hdd and one video card, 2 dvd and some fans) the temps are stable. if i am at the computer(internet, gaming etc) i have no problems. only when it is sitting in idle for a while do i came back and find the cpu off. i am at a loss.

    caniba--- i have the anykey set to turn on disabled in the bios, yet it does it anyway.
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