Instant dead computer


So i build my desktop in January. it worked perfect and ran great.
AMD Quadcore 9550
6GB Ram
Nvidia 9500 GT 1GB
windows vista premium

just a month ago it started to get a bit slugish. i mean started processing slow and will hault on online games. Sometime it will freeze for absolute no reason.
Yesterday, i was playing an online game. it frooz up on me. i hit the shut down button. and tried to restart it. It never turned back on.
let me say that i was having this problem of freezing for last one week. But this time it never turned back on.

Please help. i would really appreciate it.

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  1. You have no power at all? No BIOS, nothing? What kind of power supply do you have in it?
  2. Ultra LS600 is my Power Supply. Now when i have the power cable in the power supply, my mother board does take voltage from the power supply, cause i can see the bios red led on.
    I think i have the power in the mother board. I dont believe that anything is burned out. there was no spark, no smell no weird noise, when i shut the system down last time.
    After my computer frooz, i just held the power button in for like 2-3 sec and then my computer shut down as normal. but right after when i tried to turn back on.
    Nothing happens.... complete silence
  3. Well, your freezing system could have come from your CPU overheating, or it could have come from a dying motherboard or PSU. Without more information it could be alot of things and you may just have to test each component individually till you find the problem.
  4. Yeap. so after my first trouble shoot i found out that my PSU is dead. luckly i have a life time warranty on it. Problem Solved.
    I guess i have to wait for couple weeks until they ship me a new one.

    I have another question.

    Mean while i thought of getting me old pc running.

    so since i end up deleting some syetem files while i was using my old pc harddrive as a second harddrive in my new pc. I am encountring a winload.exe (missing/corrupted file). i have a windows xp bootable disk, but its not helping either.... could you suggest any solutions.

    i tried everything
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