Problem with LG GH22LPH20

I have a LG Lightscribe drive, the LG GH22LPH20. I'm running Windows 7 32bit, and whenever I start my computer, the drive returns an error in the device manager (basically I have to reinstall the drivers everytime I start my computer sot hat the drive is recognized). Is there any permanent fix so that I don't have to consistently do this? I havae the latest firmware on my drive (2.00).
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  1. Any suggestions? Still having the problem.
    Might add that I have the drive on the IDE Master Channel, and it keeps saying that the driver was not installed correctly and I have to keep reinstalling it everytime I start.
  2. aford10 said:

    That didn't help =/
  3. Check for a BIOS update.
  4. The Bios is up-to-date...
    The thing is, I can use the drive after I reinstall the driver, but everytime I shut down, the problem comes back again.
  5. Try creating a new profile, or switching profiles. There could be some user profile corruption.
  6. Well, it looks like it magically got fixed o-o
    Turned on my computer today, and there it was (didn't have to reinstall drivers)
    Will cross my fingers and hope it stays this way.
  7. Good deal. Thanks for the update.
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