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Motherboard shoot-out - who has the best driver install and support

Last response: in Motherboards
June 15, 2009 11:20:22 PM


I trust Toms hardware in reviews as objective and fair, and often use it as the source for my purchase decisions.

One thing that increasingly annoys me in motherboards is the quality, support and update frequency for drivers / bios / OC utilities and the likes.

today Mobo's need 15 + drivers and utilities and all of them have to be installed and updated individually.

Asus had something to install all drivers from the CD with the p5e3 deluxe, but that only installed the drivers as of date of mobo purchase / cd press, but did not update any of them. So nice idea, but still fail.

also the quality of asus utilities (overclocking, remote control, etc) is really so low, it is annoying. Who wants to spend $300 for a mobo and then get crap utilities, that weren't quality tested at all and then need to update them on a weekly basis because they are so buggy?

to me that becomes more and more THE buying criteria, because i cannot feel an increase in 0.5 milliseconds or the 3 FPS more I achieved by overclocking anyway, but i can feel the hours spend in installing new drivers or updating 20 of each one from some website...

Is there a mobo vendor that offers a free tool that automatically
installs ALL the latest drivers and regularly updates them ALL as well ?

So which manufacturer has good stable, reliable utilities for his mobo with user experience that is worth calling it such.

And which manufacturer has the best installation & update & support utilities for his mobo ?

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a b \ Driver
June 15, 2009 11:31:18 PM

ASUS. So you are so out of luck.
June 17, 2009 2:25:02 PM

You dont want to necesarrily update everytime there a patch, specially automatically. I have never heard of something that does it automatically and if there is sign me up.

THE BEST SUPPORT HANDS DOWN IS EVGA!!!! Visit the forums on there and youll see what i mean. PLEASEEE trust me on this one. I learned so much from other people. I guarentee that once you post youll have atleast 5 answers in 2 minutes and a lot of the time its from tech support.