What motherboard should i get?

i have a 5th gen xps, the motherboard in it is no good anymore, i was wondering what a good replacement would be? it has Intel® Pentium® 4 Extreme Edition, dual processing i believe, i do a lot of photography editing, and gaming, i would like something that could still use the type of ram thats in it, i was looking at a 9800 gx2 but it uses ddr3, any help would be nice, thanks
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  1. You have system RAM and GDDR grapics RAM confused. The GDDR3 a 9800GX2 uses has nothing to do with the RAM your MB may use. I believe any Intel Chipset from P35 back will support a P4 socket 775 processor. If you have an older P4 socket 478, which is what I believe you have, finding a new MB is much difficult. If that is the case, better to upgrade the entire system. New MB, RAM, CPU VC, etc.
  2. sorry i'm kinda new to computers, i was thinking the wrong thing when i posted, i meant to ask if the 790i ultra sli would work with what i have now, with the 2GB ram i have, and the 2 geforce 6 series gpu's (6800 i believe, model:p260)
    the specs for my computer are here http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/xps600/en/SM/specs0.htm#wp1052939

    if i had to redo my computer what would be a good cpu, mb, ram and anything else i might need? i do tons of pictures, and gaming, and watch movies
  3. Those spec list the chipset as being Nvidia nForce4 SLI. That is an AMD chipset. So, an Intel P4 will not work with an AMD socket 939 MB.
  4. okay, the specs must be for a different gen, because i looked it over and found the sticker saying pentium 4 on it, i looked up the 5th gen specs but all i could find was that it had was a single Radeon X800 XT PE, mine has dual gpu's in it, this is were i found the info http://www.trustedreviews.com/pcs/review/2005/11/23/Dell-XPS-600-SLI-Gaming-PC/p1
  5. i just found out it has a 64-bit, 3.8GHz Intel 670 processor
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