Which psu better for i7 2.66 p6t hd4650 pc?

I'm looking to build a system with a i7 2.66 cpu and p6t motherboard along with a HD4650 video card and want to keep my power supply choice to around $100 and am considering the following two:

Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650 watt psu with single rail, non modular, but 80+ rated for $100 minus rebate

Zalman ZM-600HP 600 watt psu with four rails, modular, no 80+ rating for #100

I will eventually upgrade to a HD4870 or higher video card, will have a couple 1TB 7200rpm hard drives, a blue ray burner, a second standard dvd-+ burner, and plan to overclock moderately.

Which would be better and why? Or is there an even better psu in this price range for the pc I'm building?

Or do I need a higher rated psu?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A single 4870 video card uses about 155 watts and 13 amps at full load. The rest of an overclocked high end system will probably use another 350 watts during a gaming session. The source of the information is a recent article about actual video card power requirements published here at Tom's Hardware.

    The Corsair TX650 is more than capable of supplying power to your system. It has a single large rail rated at 52 amps.
  2. Thanks, I thought so. I'm also going to use a Zalman 9900LED cpu cooler, and will be using an Antec Nine Hundred mid tower case which has three additional fans, which I forgot to mention. I should still be okay, right?
  3. No problem! You'll be fine.
  4. Thanks, just ordered everything except cpu cooler and case and pretty excited. Coming is:

    Asus P6T
    core i7 2.66
    corsair 650w psu
    3x2gb ocz gold 1600 ddr3
    HIS HD 4670 512mb video card w/ 2dvi outs - may upgrade to 4870 soon
    sanyo 1TB 7200rpm hard drive
    two sanyo 23" wide monitors
    Vista Home Premium 64 bit
    I have an old LG dvd burne I'm going to use initially, to add a blue ray burner soon.

    I'm looking at an Antec Nine Hundred mid tower case.

    For cooling I'm either going with a Zalman 9800LED air or CoolIt Domino liquid system.

    I'd be interested in any comments or suggestions. Still think the Corsair is a good choice?
  5. Corsair power supplies are among the best of the best. They always earn high marks in technical reviews and comparisons.

    The Antec Nine Hundred is probably the most popular pc case with gamers.

    Here's a link to a web site with lots of info about cpu heatsinks that you might find interesting:

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