New motherboard broken?

i just bought an evga nforce 780i sli motherboard and when i was seating my cpu one of the tiny little pins was slightly bent. only noticeable if you look pretty close. I went and set up the rest of my computer and now when i try to start up the computer will turn on from about 2 seconds to about 10 seconds (its random) then shut off. could the cpu pin on the motherboard be the problem??
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  1. Most likely it's a power supply or memory issue. Try just one stick of memory. Reseat the 24 pin and 4 or 8 pin 12v power supply connections to the board. I always test the board out of the case first before mounting in the case.
  2. You could be in trouble. Check your PSU connections. Also check that there is no short out. screws touching the underside of the motherboard etc. If you can see for sure that a pin is bent, either on the CPU or Socket, then you could have killed something. The CPU has a "cut out" conner on it, it will only go one way.
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