KINGSTON 1066ddr2 2x2gb kit overclocking

ok. so i bought this rams. i have an asus m2-n32 sli deluxe mobo, and i want to set the best timings and settings for my rams . but first problem is i don't know what the best settings are and second one is that i don't know how to change them from bios cuz dram configuration is very "complicated" so many things in there . hope u help me . tell me how to set timings plssssss
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  1. what ram did you buy? please post a link or model number so we can start adjusting the timings..
  2. 4 gb (2x2gb) 1066 ddr2.hyperx (KHX8500D2k2/4g).
  3. Set the timings as follows:

    CL - 5
    tRCD - 5
    tRP - 5
    tRAS - 15

    For the others, just leave it.

    Set your voltage between 2.2V, if it's not stable try 2.3V.
  4. at 2.2v wasn't stable and 2.3v won't boot :-??
  5. AMD boards are finicky sometimes when it comes to DDR2 1066Mhz, I had the same issue with a 780a and was able to fix the problem by lowering the ram frequency to 800mhz and the voltage to 2.0v. Then I proceeded to raise the FSB which in-turn raised the frequency to about 980Mhz with stock timings.
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