Do you need to raise the FSB voltage?

On my GA-X28-DQ6 I have it set to 360FSB for a Q6600 (9x multiplier giving 3240). I have the RAM at 2.50A (266Mhz strap giving 900Mhz RAM) at 5-5-5-15

I have raised the MCH 0.1v and the RAM 0.3v and the CPU Voltage by one notch from stock.

The FSB is at stock.

If the system is stable - do you *need* to raise the FSB voltage?

How do you know when an instability is caused by a lack of FSB voltage?
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  1. You only raise the voltage if it's unstable. If you reached the target frequency, you want to lower all voltages to stable minimums.

    You never know if it's cause by a particular voltage. You can only suspect and that's kind of a feeling you get once you're more experienced in oc'ing.
    Try to increase different voltages by small increments and seem how it improves stability. If there's a large improvement, you've probably found the voltage responsible for instability.
    However, never increase multiple voltages a once, as you won't know then which one was too low.
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