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So I have two 9800GTX+ in my system - one bought when it was a brand new and another added recently when I needed a third monitor, both are BFG OCX variants.

Anyone have any recommended solutions for improving over the stock cooling on these cards?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Scythe USA SCVMS-1000 Sleeve VGA Cooler

    should work, and it's hopefully thin enough to let you fit one on both cards. After air cooling your next option would be water.

    Some more or higher cfm case fans would also help, especially with a new after market cooler.
  2. Thanks for the tip - I don't really want to go down the water route at the moment.
  3. Is Zalman gear any good? I got put off them a few years ago with a CPU cooler that was amazingly hard to fit I was afraid I'd break the motherboard and only produced a 1c difference over the stock cooler.
  4. I would Google the part and see what reviews you can dig up.
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