Cheap sata card with more than 4 connectors

Hi, I just want to add a backplane for 5 hdd to my pc for back up purpose, so no need for raid, but I would like hot swap
My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4, chipset Intel 82801IR ICH9R (I have enabled AHCI from bios after xp install) with 6 sata connectors and 2 gsata controlled by GIGABYTE GBB36X (jmicron JMB36X), my SO is XP Sp2 professional, I have one pci-e free

My sata ports are already full so I need other ones, but I don’t want to pay too much, I have found these 2 cards:
PRO: lian-li is a known brand, E-sata port (but I have already 1, so it’s good only because I can free one gsata port), new, JMicron 362 (Port Multiplier with Command-based Switching) and 393 seam better than sil3132, some good review
CON: only 5 sata connectors
PRO: 8 connectors
CON: don’t know if I can trust this brand, sil3132 is old and I have read it doesn’t support AHCI, so I don’t know if it can handle hot swap (data sheet say it’s possible)

I like 8 connectors, do you think I can go on safety with the exsys? Can you suggest me some other cheap card I don’t know?

Thank you and best regard
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  1. Hello Lisa... Welcome to the forum.

    The start off question you need to ask yourself... How many more HDD's you need?

    If the answer is less than or equal to 5 then Lian Li should be your option. Reputed brand.

    I don't think these cards do cause a lot of problem though. Haven't heard of exsys as a brand.
  2. hello. thank you for your kind words,
    for now I don't need so many, but for the future the more the better (more hd, a blue ray, some new stuff we don't even think about...), but if they are all busy I can store some hd outside and thank to the hot swap option I can still use them in a very easy way

    do you think gsata ports have some limitation? Some hd I connected to would not recognized at times

    I have found a lot of bad review of reputed brand cards, but usually they concerned raid that I don't need
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