DRAM/FSB Ratio for DDR-3?

For DDR-2 they said that 1:1 yielded best results but since the arrival of DDR-3 i think that this has become a myth. It's also obvious that you cannot get 1:1 unless you seriously overclock cpu and underclock RAM.

So how does this ratio come into play as far as DDR-3 Memory is concerned?

Does it matter if its 2:8-2:10-2:12 or the rule is, the more frequency the better, no matter what the ratio really is?

Cause i was advised to choose 2000Mhz memory, but with my 920 cpu the DRAM/QPI ratio is going to be 2:12, and i wonder if that matters at all.
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  1. the speed of the memory doesn't really matter except in benchmarks, i doubt you would even see a difference between DDR3-1333 or DDR3-2000, on another note, you should be fine
  2. So am i not going to notice any difference at all with higher speeds? Not even faster loading software or better multitasking? What's your source may i ask?
  3. Thanx for this.

    So according to the article, real world everyday apps dont take advantage of higher speeds, and you can only notice some difference on acrobat/winrar and a few frames on high end games. So it seems that it doesnt really matter for now how high RAM speed is.
  4. Exactly. IMHO the only people who really benefit from higher ram speeds is people who make and sell them(as high-end gear carries high-end price tag), and maybe extreme overclockers. If you want to improve overall performance than fast(er) HDD is probably the way to go.

    Person who advised you to buying ddr3 2000 either doesnt really know what hes talking about or just wants you to buy them for some reason.
  5. Yes i suppose that HDD is the only thing left to make my system complete. I do run with sata-2 drives but SSD are way overpriced at the moment and i just cant support them by paying what they're asking.

    But it really is what's missing from my system, and i am looking forward to the day their price drops significantly.
  6. Same here, although im considering a small ssd or a 150gb 10000rpm velociraptor for my system and apps drive
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