Disabling USB on a Mobo with no PS/2 Connector.

I have a little question about my Motherboard's BIOS settings, namely the ability to disable the USB ports and Legacy USB support.

I have an Intel DX58SO with a Core i7 920, which does not include legacy PS/2 connectors for old style keyboards. This leads me to wonder how I would get back into the BIOS should I disable the USB support in the BIOS.

I have no reason to do this, but given my rather obsessive compulsive disposition, I have a nagging feeling that should my curiosity get the better of me, I may be left with an inoperable system.

I notice in the manual for the motherboard that there is a Jumper Block with 3 different settings; Normal, Configure, and Recovery.

Normal 1-2

The BIOS uses current configuration information and
passwords for booting.

Configure 2-3

After the POST runs, Setup runs automatically. The
maintenance menu is displayed.
Note that this Configure mode is the only way to clear the
BIOS/CMOS settings. Press F9 (restore defaults) while in
Configure mode to restore the BIOS/CMOS settings to their
default values.

Recovery None

The BIOS attempts to recover the BIOS configuration. A
recovery CD or flash drive is required.

Would it simply be a case of moving the jumper over to the Configure position and restoring default settings? One thing that concerns me here is how the text tells me to 'Press F9' to restore the defaults, surely, if USB is disabled, this button press wouldn't even be registered!

Please put my mind at rest on this issue, I would be extremely appreciative. I know it's something I shouldn't be worrying about, but it's troubling me all the same :P


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  1. Unplug the system from the wall and remove the battery for about 5-10 minutes to default the system BIOS. Instructions for defaulting the BIOS are in the MB manual.
  2. Hmmm,Well now ,it would seem to me that if there is no ps2 support then, usb legacy should always be on by default..??? :)
  3. Yes, of course legacy support is enabled by default, I'm just wondering what the consequences be if I were to disable it, it certainly has the option to in the BIOS. It even has the option to disable all the USB ports. Why on earth would anybody want to disable every single USB port, when there aren't any PS2 connectors, Bizarre.

    Anyway, so I will always be able to reset to defaults by removing the battery whilst it is unplugged? That is the only way I would be able to restore USB if I disabled it in the BIOS?


  4. on my pops new dell optiplex 620 a windows update USB driver update F'ed windows and it wont boot in safe mode. so like A** i disabled all usb in the bios.. with no PS/2 port and never enable remote desktop i'm seemingly F'ed.. my next move is to reset the bios... and THEN i have to figure out the F to remove the last driver or its a fresh windows install .. now i'm going to huff some Ether.
  5. pulling the bios watch sized battery seemed to do it.. took a few more boot attemps but it eventually came up working and windows seemingly fixed it self.. must if been ether!
  6. Is it normal for the ps/2 connections to stop working if you disable usb in the bios settings?
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