Corrupt file system, mobo won't boot when set to 1st harddrive.

Hi guys,

I just recently bought a HITACHI Deskstar HD32000 2TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive. It ran happily on a Rosewill RX-DU101 USB Docking Station for 2 days, and after a reboot last night, started acting like a recently beheaded fish (it spins, led lights flashing and all).

So when I try to plug it in directly on board, the computer won't even boot (I've only tried it on SATA 0, will try the other slots later). And of course when I try to work it using the docking station, the hard drive is seen as unformatted (I don't even know if it'll actually format, partition magic gave me a I/O error).

And here's the thing, I already have 400GB of data on it. Some very important files are backed up, others are not so lucky.

It'll be good to get opinions about how much I can hope for recovering datas, before I attempt to reformat/send for replacement.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. is sata 0 your boot device (in bios settings)? can you boot from another drive on sata 0 and this drive on a different channel?
  2. Thanks gtvr. SATA was the boot device (DVD drive), so after putting the new hd on a different channel I was able to go in and recover some of the files using EASEUS Data Recovery.

    This time I'm doing a complete reformatting of the drive in GPT NTFS w/o enabling file&folder encryption. Hopefully all will be well.
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