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Hi all, I just overclocked my Intel Q6600 Quad core yesterday for the first time. The stock clock is 2.4. I tried a clock of 3.5 but windows wouldn't boot up so I tried a clock of 3.0 and am up and running :) I have a Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler and my temps after overclocking run between 45c and 55c. While playing Crysis it has went up to 58c. At stock clock my temps run between 32c and 42c and while playing Crysis it has went up to 55c.

Are these temps considered good after overclocking? Or should I consider re doing my thermal paste and maybe trying a different Cooler? Thanks!
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  1. That is within tolerance. You should only start getting worried at 65ºC or above, or the moment you start boosting voltage.
  2. Okay... Thanks! I'll keep my eye on it. What a difference in speed from 2.4/3.0! :p
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