Intel Proset currupt??

I have an old (refurbed) Dell laptop running win xp; suddenly I cannot get online. I rebooted my wireless router (Verizon DSL) & laptop to no avail. Clicked on Intel Proset (version getting error message "fail to load one of the network component". Finally I disabled the Intel Proset thinking that I could re-enable it; no such luck. When I open it there are no settings or anything...empty. I am online now on another laptop in my wireless network & its working fine.
I'm no techie & have no clue what to do. Any help appreciated.
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    well your description is uncertain...

    what is the model of your wireless card?
    when was the last time you updated the drivers?
    what has led to the problem? installed new software/hardware? drivers? games? etc?
    have you tried system restore?
    when you say you disabled intel proset, what exactly did you do? why can't you re-enable it?
    what does device manager say about the device?
  2. Hi & sorry for the late reply.
    I can't use system restore NOR can I get windows updates anymore but that is another story...
    My neighbor came over & fiddled with the laptop for awhile & finally managed to get intel proset re-enabled and everything is fine now.
    I've had intermittent problems with my wireless router where I lose internet connection & the only way to fix that is to reboot the router but that wasn't the problem this time.
    Anyway thanks for answering. :)
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