GTX 260 Core 216 vs 4850x2 2gb

I'm looking to upgrade my 8800gt within the next month and I was originally planning on purchasing a GTX 260 core 216. But i've noticed for a little bit more i can purchase a 4850x2 1gb or for a bit more the 2gb version. I know the 4850x2 should offer better performance but i've heard that they have some driver issues, and i'm concerned with sapphires customer support. I currently game on a 24" monitor @ 1920x1200. What are you guy's opinions?

Here is my current system specs

CPU: E6600 @ 3.4ghz
GPU: 8800GT
PSU: Corsair 620
RAM: 4 GB DDR2 800 corsair
Motherboard: P5B-Deluxe Wifi-AP
HD: 250 gb Seagate, and 1TB Seagate
OS: Windows XP pro 32 bit (Yes I know i'm wasting ram with 32 bit)

Just a note, i'm planning on doing a mild I7 build within the year and transferring my PSU, 1TB drive, new gpu (whatever that ends up being) over to the new rig.
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  1. the 2x4850 would serve you better at this moment with that res. But i would go with the 260 because it uses alotttt less power and i the sli would be nice without having to get a 1000 watt psu like 2x4850 in xfire. in general im not a fan of any of the 2x cards especially from ati because of the massive amount of heat they produce and in most cases its more affordable to buy on card let prices drop then buy another. nd btw if crossfire or sli is something you like id say go with 4870's 1gb. 260 has maybe a slight edge one on one by crossfire by ati is dominate over nividia sli
  2. buy one 4870 1gb or 260 then when u step up to i7 u xfire or sli. the i7 platform is really where dual cards need to be... it makes the money spent worth it... 775 socket doesnt do xfire its justice
  3. The 4850X2 is a huge card, 28 c.m. (11.5") long and, fron the reviews, can be noisy under load and there have been driver issues.
    From what I`ve heard, the newest 9.1 drivers have helped with the driver issues, but I could be wrong on this point, anyone like to comment?
    Anyway this looks good;

    And if you go ahead with the i7 build, you`ll be able to SLI without too may problems:)
  4. You dont need a i7 rig, nothing could be farther from the truth, if you want max FPS then buy the most powerful GPU that will work/fit in your rig. An i7 sys offers nothing in the way of improving gaming. My old e6850/GTX 295 will move more frames than any i7 rig with a single GPU. Anyone saying other wise is not looking at the facts. The dif between my rig and a i7 rig is at most a 10% increase all things being equal and at a minimum of $775 for MB, mem, cpu.
  5. So the general consensus seems to be go with a single GTX 260 core 216 or HD4870 1GB. Sounds like you guys are confirming my fears about the hd4850x2. I'm glad I asked.

    I'm leaning towards the 260 since most benchmarks show it just slightly edging the 4870, and the new 55nm cards seem to run cooler. Do you guys think a single 260 will be adequate a 1920x1200?

    By the way thanks for all the quick responses.
  6. I have a 512Mb HD4870 and it plays everything I have at that resoloution with only rare `hiccups` when extra data is read from HDD, so I`d say the GTX 260 would do even better with its larger memory.
    Wholly recommended GTX260 216 55nm!
    BTW, you could also use a cheap card in the second PCI-E slot for PhysX...Just a thought if your playing Mirrors Edge;)
  7. Any of the cards you mention will do the trick. Yes, the 4850x2 will run hotter... it does have two GPUs in it after all. As far as between the 4870 1gb and a GTX260 (216) the 4870 is comparable but slightly less expensive. My only reservation is that I have and two cards made by Sapphire in the past they were both flaky at best and tech support was not very helpful. If you do decide to go 4870 I would recommend a different manufacturer. Aside from that I think you would be happy with either a 4870 or GTX260.
  8. 4870 is cheaper than the GTX260 and performs the same. It really depends on if you're planning to go SLi or Xfire in the future.
  9. can't compare the 4850 X2 with the 260 GTX since its in the 280s class.

    But out of the 260 GTX and the 4850 X2, I would go for the either the 260 GTX or 4870:D
  10. u guys do know that the 4850 x2 just got supported by ati right?
    that means it might have issues right now but give it a couple of months and you'll see... most if not all of them will be gone....
    like liquid says it blows both the 4870 and the 260 out of the water...
    i would get the x2 hands down.... at 1920x1200 you can even get the 1gb version
    and it will be better than any of the cards u mentioned... except for the 280 in some games...
  11. The 4850X2 will be much, much faster, but noisier and consume more power. Don't get an i7, upgrade your 775 rig or get a AM3 rig.
  12. smithereen said:
    The 4850X2 will be much, much faster, but noisier and consume more power. Don't get an i7, upgrade your 775 rig or get a AM3 rig.

    its not that much faster... in games where ati does good it does win for a decent margin but
    in the rest of the games its usually just a little faster or slower a few times...

    ups i was talking about the 4850x2 and the gtx 285...
    compared to the 260 it is way faster...
  13. What exactly is wrong with i7?

    And why would u suggest just a CPU upgrade or a whole new rig upgrade?

    thats like suggesting well waste 300$ or 900$.......

    I think it would be a better comparison to say i7 or Am3:D because atleast that way they are somewhere along the same price range:D which to me means alot:D

    Oh yeah @ OP, go 64 bit:D trust me, in this day of age you can really tell the difference:D

    Oh and just as a little idea, the 4850 with 1 Gig won't be as affective as the 4870 with 1 Gig, GPu per GPU speaking, seeing as the 4870 has GDDR5 to back it up for the 256 bus width, which is why the 260s instead took the lazy way out and instead of GDDR5 put GDDR3 on a 448 bit bus width....while the 4850 is stuck with 256 bit buswidth with GDD3, which i would say 512 would do you better in generel. Whats the poin of gaming at 15 fps instead of 7 is a good example for that:D


    K good luck!
  14. agree... but when did i mention something about a 1gb 4850?
    i know its pretty much the same as the 512mb version... unlike the 4870...
  15. imgine GDDR5 with a 512 bus? wouldnt that be something??!!
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