How to overclock IBM thinkpad 600X

I have read that you can overclock your cpu by getting into the bios and making some adjustments. BUT when I get into the bios and try and locate these variables I can't not find them access them. Does anyone know how to overclock the cpu in a IBM thinkpad 600x, it has a Pentium III 500mhz coppermine core. I THOUGHT these were one of the easier cpus to overclock. I have other cpus I would like to overclock as well in other computers but have the same problem of locating the place to change the variables.
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  1. Over clocking is not recommended on laptops as the cooling is poor. Also your bios most likely cannot overclock.
  2. I have quite a few computers old and new and I can't seem to find the screen I need to be in in the bios to overclock any of the cpus in them. I think maybe I am just looking in the right place. I have checked the bios on quite a few other computers that aren't mine also and none of those I could find it either.
  3. The settings are most likely not there as many branded PCs (and nearly all laptops) have these options locked.
  4. ^ Name brand sellers lock ocing option out, if you want to OC buy your own components and knock yourself out.
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