Smudged thermal!

Here I am doing my first build and being meticulous about everything, and I go and pick up the cooler and accidentally smudge off some of the thermal paste that comes on the i7 930 stock heatsink. Only a small amount is missing from the middle line, am I still in good shape?
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    It will be ok, but you might consider wiping it all off and putting on some good stuff like Arctic Silver 5. Maybe even get an aftermarket heat sink, which performs way better than stock.

    But yes, you should still be fine.
  2. Thanks. I plan on aftermarket paste and heat sink (along with OC'ing) next pay check. Right now I just want to get it going without destroying it haha
  3. Cool, then yeah don't worry about it, just get it set up. Make sure you really get those push pins all the way in :)
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