Need shortcut (script?) to kill winword.exe

Hey guys,

My work computer has this damn annoying bug where an instance of Word (2002) stays open in the background and then when open another Word document and try to close it, it gives this annoying error message that the template is in use (presumably by the other background instance of Word) and cannot be saved and asks you to save a copy elsewhere.

If anyone knows a permanent solution to this problem (I've already tried making read-only and also checked the option in Word NOT to ask to save it'd be great, but an ongoing solution that I've been using is just killing the rouge winword.exe in Task Manager.

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me of a shortcut (perhaps a Quick Launch shortcut or script that can be activated by a keyboard shortcut) that will kill all instances of Word with one click.

I don't know much about programming but I'm sure this can easily be done with a batch script or something of the sort?

Thanks guys!
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    You can create a shortcut that contains this:

    taskkill /F /IM winword.exe

    BE WARNED: it will kill ALL copies of Word that are running.
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  3. Thanks! Seems to work perfect! I even assigned it a keyboard shortcut :)
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