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Where can I read about Bluetooth vs 802 and why Bluetooth will be obosoleted in the next two years?
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  1. Google.

    I don't know about being obsolete. It's always been PAN hardware and probably will still have a foothold in that sector moving forward. Beyond the obvious similarities the two technologies aren't serving the same purposes and aren't all that comparable. There probably are some graphs out there showing things like Direct Sequence (wi-Fi) vs. Frequency Hopping (Bluetooth) and so forth though.

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  2. Bluetooth and 802.11 aren't really competing technologies. Bluetooth is meant for wirelessly attaching small personal objects, like cellphones, PDAs, keyboards, mice and other user interface devices. 802.11 is meant more for connecting computers together or to the Internet without wires.

    The main reason Bluetooth might be replaced in a couple years is Intel's deciding to make and push Wireless USB as a replacement for Bluetooth.
  3. isnt blue tooth rediculously slow? counter-strike game server -
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  4. In the neighborhood of 1 mb before overhead. Plenty fast for what it's intended to be used for.

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  5. I tried bluetooth and I was really disapointed. It is really slow for transferring files. However, since it usually is used to connect two devices with almost no need for bandwith, it's ok.

    Also there is a new 802.11 standard in the work that is going to compete against bluetooth for the PAN(personnal area network). Don't quite remember the name, maybe 802.11p or .11n.

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