Windows 7 wont boot correctly

Hey, I have this problem where when I plug in a new IDE hard drive so I have two IDE hard drives, Windows 7 wont boot up.
It stops on the loading screen where you see the Windows logo with 4 different colors.
As soon as I unplug the hard drive and turn it on with a single hard drive that has win7 on, runs perfectly.

I know there are no problems with the hard drive, since it worked before I installed Windows 7.

Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. You must set the second hard drive to slave and then your system will work properly......
    The reason your system won't boot is because the mothereboard sees both drives as master and you can't have 2
    These are older IDE drives and they have a jumper pin on the back end of the drive...there should be a guide on the label for the jumper settings...follow this to set it up for slave and you should be good to go!
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Well, after taking out gfx card, RAM just to get hold of the hard drive I noticed it was set to slave, so I put everything back in, plugged in the hard drive, triple checking every cable is in tight, booted up the PC and for some reason it worked.
    Now I have a new problem, for me to access / open it Windows asks me to format it
    (You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it) if I do I will loose all my backup files, photos etc.
    Is there any way to access it without the need to format it?
  3. Are you sure that you installed W7 on the correct drive and not the one containing your files?
  4. Yea im sure.
    The C: / disk has 130 GB while F: / has around 200 GB
    And I knew the one that had XP before was C: / with 130 GB
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