2 Router Set Up - 1 Wired, 1 Wireless

I just got Fiberoptic internet and have two routers that I need to use to get internet to the entire house and network all the computers and xboxs together.

Here is how I am set up and my problem.

Internet to.. Wired Routers WAN Port

Linksys 4 port Router/switch
Connection Type PPPoe User Name, Password - (To access Fiberoptic)
Router IP
Subnet Mask
Lan Port 1 - To The Linksys Wireless Routers (WAN Port)
Lan Port 2-4 - Computers and Xbox

Linksys Wireless
Subnet Msk
Lan Port 1 - Xbox
Wireless - Computer, Laptops
Everybody can get the internet but the xboxs can't see the computers if they are on the other router they are not connected to.

I have hear things about turning off DCHP on wireless router but that doesn't seem to be working.
Any step by step advice?
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  1. connect the second router through a normal switch port, not the wan port. Turn off dhcp on the second router to make it act as just a switch.
  2. Instead of DCHP what other settings do I use on the second router. Static IP or anything like that?
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