MS-7329 2.0 vith vista freezes

Hello all u nerds :-)

Ned a bit help with an %¤& problem....
My Medisa live system is freezing alot of times. Doesnt matter if i use the comp or not. Tried everything i can come up with but still. It just freeses up, no BSoD or anything. Only way to fix is "Swedish button" (power off).

Very thankfull for any replys:

Specs are:
OS: Vista sp1
Mobo: MS-7329 2.0
Ram: Corsair Value S. PC5300 DDR2 2GB
256Meg x 64, CL5, 667MHz, 240-pin
Gpu: onboard
HD1: WDC WD800AABB-00PUA0 ATA Device
Hd2: SAMSUNG HD501LJ SCSI Disk Device
Hd3: SAMSUNG HD501LJ SCSI Disk Device
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  1. Could be your high density ram (256x64). But first, try vista service pack 2, which has been out for awhile.
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