Suddenly cd driver wont open anymore :(

I was cleanign computer out of dust and and too few cables off but i put them on 100% right i booted computer and it taeks ages windows to load..loading bar just stops..but eventually it loads and i can start but many loading things are slower and i cant open cd driver :S i press button but nothing happens :S
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  1. Disconnect, and reconnect the cables. Pay close attention to the power cable to the CD drive.
  2. haha gg cd driver! in all my foolishness i did try wrong cable when i was desperated and whole cd drive did explode with hella lot of smoke xd....well i think it was half death its 100% dead :D is all loading slower for me now cuz computer serach all data from hard drive and cd criver wont help or why? annyoing when windosw loads like 5 mins :D
  3. If the CD drive blew, unplug it and remove it. It shouldn't have much impact on how fast windows is running.

    Boot into the BIOS. Make sure the hard drive is listed as the first boot device. If you have the option, make sure quickboot is enabled. If those don't help, try resetting the BIOS.

    Hopefully there was no damage to your other hardware.
  4. loks bios wont regonize my cd drives...all 4 drives i have are empty there :D connection whole cd driver would help somehow? i mean it smoked and stuff it could be still viable?
  5. You have 4 CD drives? Or are you referring to the BIOS boot devices 1-4?

    If your CD drive started smoking, it's likely toast.
  6. eahit ihnk regonize hard drives where i save files but cant find those cd/dvd drives or whatever they are.
  7. The CD/DVD drive isn't going to show up if it blew up. You need to open the PC, and unplug the dead drive. If you want, you can replace it by connecting a new one to the same cables (assuming they didn't fry as well.
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