"FB Location" bios setting

Does anyone know what this setting does? I found it under my on-board video options. I have a separate video processor and everything else disabled. Not sure what to do with this though. The only two settings are "Above 4G" or "Below 4G."
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  1. Oh, forgot to mention, I have an ASUS M4178 Pro with AMI Bios. That might help to know.
  2. Guess nobody knows. Where would I find this information? There is none in the manual.
  3. is that a retail or oem board i can't find that model number anywhere
    shoot asus an email they would know
  4. Oops. I meant to say it's an M4A78 Pro. Contacting ASUS is not as easy as it sounds but if nobody knows I will have to try harder.
  5. well that helps but i can't find anything in the manual either. gonna have to ask asus.
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