Cannot get monitor to display on DVI connection

I have recently purchased a BenQ 22" monitor, but I have a problem with the DVI connection to the graphics card. I have two PC's, one with a GeForce 7600GS card, and the other with an ATI 4850 card. The trouble is, the monitor will not work when plugged into either card with a DVI cable (direct connection). It does however work on both via a D-sub adapter. I sent the monitor back for testing and was told that there is nothing wrong with the connector, so why does it not work on either of my graphics cards? Is there something that I have missed in setting it up?
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  1. Have you tried changing which connection is used via the monitor menu? Have you checked for a driver update?
  2. Aaah! - That could be the problem! I assumed that it would select automatically, and the manual for this monitor lives on a CD, so I guess I missed that little detail. I will try that once I have another problem sorted. Thank you heaps!
  3. Set your Monitor to receive Digital Signal or DVI
  4. Yep! All OK now thanks - I've just been dragged by my ears up into the world of DVI.
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