AHCI hangin Windows 7 install

Thought I read enough articles after picking up a OCZ 100G Vertex 2 drive for my new build.


AMD 1090T / 8 G RAM/ Nvidia 260 55 / WIN 7 X64
SATA 4 eSata Case cable
SATA 5 SATA BluRay (IDE MODE as per manual for OS install)

Enabled AHCI in bios and tried a fresh install for the SSD but it hangs on "starting windows". The HD light is solid for 60 seconds and than blinks and repeats. After waiting 30 minutes I switched over the option in bios and had a clean flawless install. Checked and trim is enabled.

The motherboard firmware is updated but not the SSD yet.

I see there are many examples of enabling ahci after install but is that the answer?

If I'm in left filed on this one I'm sorry, darn thought I had the bases covered. Possible problem because the SSD was not formatted before install? The salesman also mentioned an app I think that should be running "Solid Play *?" not sure.

Any help is obviously appreciated. No problem if I need to re-install Win 7...

Thank you.
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  1. What mode is your sata controller set to - AHCI/IDE/SATA. NOTE, Trim being enabled is just that - enabled. For the cmd to be passed and used the SSD needs to be in AHCI mode (untill they fix that).

    Mode should be AHCI - Problem what were they when you orginally set up your HDD. For the Blu-ray/DVD drives, what I did was put them on my 2nd controller (GSATA for my MB). Put My SSD and HDDs on the normal Sata controller which is set to AHCI.

    So, (1) if possible move your Blu-ray drive to a second controller. Disconnect the HDDS and with just the SSD connected (and controller set to AHCI) try installing operating system. May have a problem with HDDs (if they were set up under IDE Mode).

    run regedit.
    - go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Msahci
    - right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
    - In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
    - exit the registry editor.
  2. Thx for quick reply, unplugged other 2 SATA drives and already had the BluRay on separate SATA 5/6.

    Storage Configuration:

    OnChip SATA [AUTO]
    OnChip Channel [Enabled]
    OnChip SATA Type [AHCI]
    SATA Port 5/6 [IDE]

    Installation of Windows 7 seems fine but did I really need that extra 100M partition the installer creates automatically?

    Once everything is done I'll connect the other SATA HDs and cross my fingers?
  3. That 100 M partition is for restore if something happens and you need to restore windows.
  4. OK, added the other 2 drives and everything booted smooth.

    I realize Windows Experience Index is far from reliable but running it gave me a 5.9 for the SSD! On the first install it was 7.1 so I was shaking my head...

    I think the only thing different on this install besides the AHCI enabled in bios was that I noticed a AHCI device found drivers installed during the OS install.

    A few forums said the driver was the problem and that specific drivers for my SSD were needed.

    Being lazy I thought I'd give the SSD Tweaker app a quick try to avoid un-install problems etc. Hit the Auto button and rebooted. The extra drives and partitions are now treated (including the 100M Partition) like external drives and throw pop ups at me... Why all these hassles for a SSD?

    Anyways, ran the WEI again and scored 7.5 on the drive, much better even if it means little but perhaps piece of mind. Time for some real disk benchmarks.

    OK, everything is running, just have to see about the popups...
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