PSU with 3850

hi guys im planning on purchasing a hd 3850 agp video card for my older computer. i also have to upgrade my PSU due to it having 300w and the recommended amout is 450w. im plannin g on getting this

the psu has 1x6 pin pcie cord but the card requires a 8 pin pcie. im stumped as to where everthing is going. if someone could explain i would very much appreciate it.
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  1. Get a good quality PSU. Antec Earthwatts, Corsair or Seasonic.

    You'll need to use an adapter if the PSU does not have an 8pin connector.
  2. i can see that they are better quality but i dont have that kinda muney. is there anything thats still good but cheap?
  3. and i have no idea what adapter im looking for if somebody could help here as well? thanks
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