Would a Corsair H50 mess up my chassi cooling?


I currently have a NZXT Hush chassi, it has one intake 120mm fan and one exhaust 120mm fan.

If i buy a Corsair H50 water cooler it will replace my exhaust fan, since the included fan is meant to intake cool air from outside the chassi and blow cool air at the water cooler.

My question is : If i replace my exhaust fan with the intake fan would it mess up the cooling?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. > If i replace my exhaust fan with the intake fan would it mess up the cooling?


    One main objective when planning chassis cooling
    is to achieve, or approach, a balance between
    intake CFM and exhaust CFM (cubic feet per minute).

    It is possible to reverse the 120mm fan(s) on the H50,
    but be sure that you feed enough cooler air through
    your one intake fan.

    Also, I just looked at Newegg's photos for your chassis:
    if you have also installed a good PSU, with a large
    intake fan pointing down, it too will be exhausting
    warmer air coming off the rest of your system.

    To keep things well balanced, using the CFM Balance goal,
    you can find intake fans for empty PCI slots that will
    also bring cooler air into the case interior, i.e.
    from outside the rear panel.

    Antec's Vcool is a very nice product for this purpose:


    There are many such PCI slot fans to choose from
    e.g. this one has a variable potentiometer:


    Likewise, there are also intake fans which you can
    install in an empty 5.25" drive bay e.g.:


    I would have to say that there are a googolplex number of
    fans to choose from, but Google's "fan boys" might object
    (not paying attention to the subtle spelling change above)
    so let's say there are a quadzillion such fans to choose from :)

  2. It may not fit. The PSU right on top of the 120mm fan( on top of the case).


    If it fits for H50 to work use

    PUSH-PULL configuration. 2 Fans setup with the radiator in between. Set the fans to blow out. This configuration will not alter the air flow of the chassi.

    Dual Fan setup from corsair:

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