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I just built a new system with a Pentium Dual-Core E5200 for a friend this week.

He runs it 24/7 and plays some fps games online.

When he restarts the system occasionally, he gets a cpu high temp warning and has to use F1 to continue the reboot.

I am going to get him to install Core Temp or Speed Fan tomorrow.

What could be causing this? I haven't had this problem before.

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  1. cpu voltage too high, faulty temp sensor, warning threshhold too low, poorly installed heatsink, fan not up to speed, poor heatsink or cpu surface. bad chip/die contact. bad retention bracket or springs. other heat sourses in the computer. poor airflow.

    there are tons of things it could be
  2. I bet one or more of the heatsink push-pins aren't fully seated.
  3. ^+1. pushpins arent seated correctly. also check for case ventilation... no case fans wont cause ridiculously high temps, but case fans do have a surprising effect on temps... other than that, get a new cooler. my e5200 cooler is still sitting in its plastic box. useless, tiny, aluminium POS.
  4. I've got the guy who has the box installing Core Temp to output real values.
    I'll post here when I get the info.

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