Monitor not receiving signal, then it does...

I have a new build, i7, 4870, and a Samsung 245BW monitor. Everything has been working great since late last year.

This morning, I turned on the computer and monitor, and the monitor displayed a message, "No signal", or something like that. When I got home this afternoon, the same thing happened.

Connections are tight, 4870 is in solid, and no signal to the monitor. So, I turned off the monitor (not the computer), and turned it back on, and everything works fine.

So, for a number of on/off cycles today, I was receiving no video signal, now I am. First time this has happened before, so I don't think static is an issue, although it is dry here in Colorado. Computer is located off the floor, no static discharges when I touched the monitor or computer.

Any thoughts? Thought of doubling up on monitors and video cards, just in case. :love:
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  1. I had this issue as well with my 2253bw. Does it work with a vga cable? Try reinstalling drivers and forcing your card to display digital if you're using dvi. Samsung should have drivers for that monitor as well.
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