Graphic card upgrade advice pleaae !!!!!!

Need a little help on this problem i have. I run a A8N32-SLI Deluxe MB. AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 Cpu running @ 2.7 overclocked 10% W/ 2 gig memory. Win XP I am going to upgrade PCU. I was looking at the Evga Gforce GTX 260 card. Will my system handle the card. I have a 8800-GTS 640 Mb in now. Any help would be Great !!!!!!
Thanks TSF_LP
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  1. Two things to consider here. First is your power supply. There should be a little sticker on the side of your power supply that will list total wattage, as well as amp values for individual volts. Get us the amp info for all +12V. Im guessing if it handled the 8800GTS, it should be OK for the GTX260, but its always good to check.

    Second thing is your processor. While it kicked ass in 2005, today its well behind the curve. To be honest, your probably not going to see alot of improvement moving from your 8800GTS. I would just hold off and save up for a whole new build.
  2. What resolution?
  3. First of all Thanks B-Unit for your quick reply.
    PSU is a Antec TPII-550 with a total of 36 Amps Max Load.
    A new build is in the future, However not to soon future... I was just going to try to keep my system in tune just enough to keep up with my gaming till i can upgrade the rest of my system. I seen on here about going up atleast 3 teirs with the vid card to get any satification. I would probably keep the 260 card and give it a sister card when i am able to get a new Mboard and processor....
    Thanks again.... TSF_LP
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