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Using the Sony Handycam DCR-DVD105, I recorded some video onto a DVD-RW disc. Now that I am finished with the data I would like to erase the disc to use it again. Since I didn't actually burn anything onto the disc I am having trouble using disc burning programs to erase the data. Everything I try to erase it manually I get an error message that says "The wizard cannot finish erasing the disc and has stopped the process. Please try erasing this disc again to make sure that the disc is ready to reuse". Any suggestions? Im using Windows XP
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  1. The fact that you used this DVD to record some video means that you did burn video files to this DVD.

    Now coming to the erase part. If as you say, this is a DVD RW disk, you should be able to erase and re-use this disk several times.

    I use "ULead DVD Movie Factory" which I got free (bundled with Hauppauge HVR-1950) to erase my DVD disks. So far, it has worked well (for over 8 months). You may be able to download this program at no cost. If not, there are other such free programs that work well.
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