Need help overclocking an AMD Athlon II X4 620

Hi, I'm new to the forums as well as overclocking. I've been reading some articles and realized my computer and cpu are not living up to their potential. I really want to overclock it and get it to perform better than it already does... here are my specs:

I have no idea how to overclock but I am not new to computers I will most likely be able to understand your instructions.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. If you are going to overclock a computer from hp, dell, compaq, or any company like that you will need to replace the cpu fan.. there are guides on how to overclock but them companies doesn't have alot of room to play with. They use garbage parts it would of been better if you build it yourself or you know someone who can
  2. The bad news is you can't overclock. You overclock via BIOS and mass market retailers such as HP and Dell lock their BIOS so you can not overclock. They want you to buy higher end hardware. That is why most of us here on the forums build our own computers. Sorry.

    Edit: I should add that high end stuff from Dell like their XPS line does allow overclocking. You however do not have a purpose built gaming computer and are out of luck.
  3. Well... that's disappointing... is there any way I could replace the motherboard to get to the bios? But keep the memory and proccessor?

    Edit: or if I could find a way into the bios could I overclock it?
  4. Yeah you could do that. But you would need a new motherboard and an aftermarket CPU cooler and I am not sure if they would fit in that case......So how much you willing to spend?

    Another thing REALLY holding that computer back is the "Green" Hard drive. It is a 5400RPM hard drive any they are sooooooooo slow. Really a storage drive and not meant to be a boot drive but when you buy mass market you are stuck with what they have 1000s of on hand. A good 7200RPM hard drive would do wonders on boot/loading times.
  5. I could probably spend about $250-300 on the motherboard and I could get a full size ATX to fit the cooling and possibly a SSD for boot? If this would all be feasible I would love to do it.
  6. Buying an HP then changing the config is the expensive way to build your own lol. Since you have onboard graphics I take it gaming is not something you are interested in?

    This MB has onboard graphics so no need to buy a seperate graphics card although you can at any point. Also has USB 3 and SATA 3 for futureproofing.

    The CoolerMaster Hyper 212 is a great budget cooler that works as well as more expensive ones.

    For a case ( I am not absolutely sure you need one) I love the Antec 300 Illusion. Great price, great looks and great cooling.

    For an SSD The Intel X25s are good but I am not up to date on the best for your money. Maybe start a new thread in the "Storage" section of the forums asking what the best one is for the money.

    For 7200RPM drives the Samsung Spinpoint F3 in either 500GB or 1TB are the best for the money right now.

    Your board is described as a 780v nvidia MCP. You can try Nvidia's Sys Tool's and try to OC that way...

    No Guarantee that it will recognize your chipset correctly tho.

    Good luck to you,

  8. Actually I do do some light gaming... more of a console person, but I was looking at getting a good graphics card. But back to overclocking... if I could hypothetically get into the bios how would I go about doing it?
  9. You can get into the BIOS no problem just press delete during boot. However the overclocking options will be locked. What Madgoat was suggesting is a software overclock. Generally not very effective or very stable compared to BIOS.
    More bad news is the 300w power supply would have to be upgraded for any but low end graphics cards.
  10. Yes but I read somewhere that on HP pavilions you can press F1 or F11 to get into the "real" bios...
  11. Hmmm on Gigabyte motherboards you push Control+F1 to get in the expert settings. That computer has a Pegatron motherboard and they are the OEM division of Asus though. Different BIOS entirely. Also you can overclock without the expert setting in Gigabyte boards. That just unlocks many more tweaks. I am about 99.9% positive you are locked out of what you would need to adjust to overclock no matter what you push. It will be listed just not adjustable.
  12. ok :( ... well now I'm thinking about building my own with some parts from this one like the processor, HDD (for storage), memory, and CD drive.
    So far I've found:
    and I'm looking at Motherboards right now mostly for something with max mem. of 16gb and a few expansion slots MAYBE with crossfire. other than that all I'd need would be either a ssd or small 7200rpm hdd for booting... oh and the cooling and graphics card. right?

    EDIT: I'll probably go with the motherboard you suggested and found this for cooling
    and this for the hdd ..... does this look good so far?
    Also if I did this, would you know how to overclock it?
  13. Case and power supply combo look great.

    The Hyper 212 I recommended is a better cooler but that one is better than stock.

    I would get a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB hard drive. Or if you want a 2TB model the the Western Digital Black series is really fast but also expensive. Not sure about that Deskstar......I might avoid it.

    The motherboard I recommended is not suitable for Crossfire. You will not find too many with integrated graphics that are. It is fine for any single graphics card including the most powerful ones. A single more powerful graphics card is generally better as some games do not scale well with multiple cards. If that is something you want as an option just post again and we will find you one suitable for Crossfire.

    Yes you would be able to overclock. How far is limited by the individual chip more than anything. There are some good guides right here on these forums that show you how pretty much step by step. And I and others will be glad to help.
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