GPU replacement

Good day!

I'm planning to replace my old video card, which is X1650Pro 256mb, but I don't know what card to get.

Here are the specs of my PC:

Athlon X2 3600+
2 Gb DDR2
19" Samsung LCD

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  1. HD 4850 would do the job
  2. What kind of budget are you looking at and what games do you play ?
    While i agree that a 4850 would be a good card i feel that anything from a 4670 upwards would be good.
    This will give you an idea of relative performance
    Also check your Power supply is good enough

  3. I just play crysis, call of duty, nba 2k9 and also if possible gta4

    I think my 500 watts psu is enough.
  4. As long as its not a cheap crap one it should be fine.

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