How to disable CPU features cool and quite etc.

Hi everyone
OK I am new to over-clocking so I have started slowly and over clocked my AMD phenom x4 955 to just 3.4ghz, I cant figure out however how to disable features like cool and quite etc in the bios, I can not find them. My motherboard is a gigabyte Ud3H.

1.How do I go about disabling them anyone? and Is it essential?
2. In terms of over clocking do I really need to mess with my Ram timings?

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  1. they are not essential but they are good for keeping amd cpus lower temperature. there should be an option somewhere in the bios. Should be in Advance Bios Features.. The only reason to touch the ram settings is to get more mb/gb per slot or to make the timings faster by decreasing them
  2. On your Gigabyte board, at the main BIOS menu, press ctrl + F1 at the same to display hidden advanced features in the BIOS.
    I don't think cool and quiet is a hidden feature though, it is in the Advanced Features page.
    No you really don't need to mess with timings. What you do is mess with the bus speed divider. For mild overclocks, not usually. But it depends, some memory will tolerate overclocking pretty well, some will not tolerate it all. You just have to try. If after only a small FSB increase you start having problems, it is most likely your memory and adjusting the divider on the memory bus will get you going.
    That is the great thing about black edition chips, the CPU multiplier is unlocked, so you can simply up the CPU multiplier, and leave everything else alone.
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