E5200 ud3p overclocking cpu , help !

I am new to overclocking I am running a e5200 2.5ghz on a UD3P board stock fan/cooling. Does anyone have the bio settings to overclock this processor on stock cooling ? not trying to overclock to much just enough to give it a little extra juice any help would be greaaat !
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  1. Using CPUZ what bus speed/multiplier are you currently running?
    What ram are you using and what speed is it?

    Basically we require the info on the CPU & memory tabs of CPUZ before most can help you.
  2. 1200.0mhz, but it jumps up when used.
    x6.0 multiplier

    mushkin ddr2 800 5-4-4-12
  3. Also, is there a way to get full usage out of the cpu ? or is it supposed to be at 1200mhz and jump when used ?
  4. anyone ?
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