Old HD died, time for new one...which?

Hello, i have narrowed my choice in pretty much the same price range on these four models:
HD 2,5" SATAII 320GB WD 3200BEKT 7200RPM 16MB
HD 2,5" SATAII 500GB WD 5000BPVT 5400RPM 8MB
HD 2,5" SATAII 500GB WD 5000BEVT 5400RPM 8MB
I have done quite extensive research, but yet i cannot decide! So i turn to you now for your help.

1st: Is 7200 really so noticable faster than 5400 in everyday-computer usage (music, videos, browsing...) (I only occasionally edit some videos and play games)?

2nd: I have seen on this site, that Samsung is not so good in I/O compared to others, but it has the largest capacity of them all, is capacity worth it?

3rd: Between two Scorpio blue, the only difference is Advanced Format Technology, does this really make a difference?

Thank you for your time and help!

Best Regards
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  1. Why do you want a 2.5" HD - is this for a laptop?
    1) Yes, 7200 is faster. Obviously things that don't tax your HD as much (web browsing for example) will be less noticeable.

    2) don't know

    3) Are you going to use Win 7? Read up on AFT (google it) and see what it does for you.
  2. Yes it's a laptop, old disk was Toshiba MK3252GSX, i have win 7 x64. And before HD crashed i cloned system partition and verified the image also. i know i need to repartition or sth after i deploy image for AFT, and i also am aware that clean install would be better...i am still deciding on what to do!

    I am just a bit worried about power consumption if i install 7200 disk :o and also if you compare this images of Transfer Preformance i am even more worried about 7200, because it did worse that Samsung, however blue and black Scorpio WD are pretty much the same!
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