Windows wont update

For some reason my Windows XP will no longer update. It downloads the updates and says it is installing them but then says it can not install the updates.

I checked the Microsoft site and it told me to download a file called Microsoft fix.msi unfortunately windows has no idea what to do with it so helpful. I am running windows XP 32 bit service pack 3
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  1. One one hand older computers may not run the updates.
    On the other hand your antivirus or any combination of security programs you installed, or incompatibility with applications you installed may be preventing the updates.

    And if I had a third hand, I would erase all the updates and turn the updates off permanently.

    But a lot of people seem to dwell on the importance of these updates and I can't personally see that they are doing a lot of good.

    And that is why so many people have decided not to use them, but rather rely on third party security solutions instead. That solution has been working fine for me.
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