Max Out 1920x1080 What GPU?

Im just curious i know maxing out depends on game and cpu ram etc etc, but for something like crysis, the most demanding game so far. What GPU or SLI GPU'S does it take to run at native 1920x1080 with everything turned up all the .AA,AF,Motion blur etc etc
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  1. Try two 4870 X2's in crossfire. Make sure they're both the 2GB version. That should be pretty good.
  2. Im a nvidia guy sorry...2 260 gtx 216 OC work? those run pretty close to a stock 280
  3. I have HD 4870X2 with a 24"monitor(19x12) resolution and i can max out every game out there(including crysis warhead),in some games i may need to lower the AA(this resolution doesnt need AA much though)but the quality settings are all maxed with good FPS.
  4. GTX295 is meant to do exactly what you expect.
  5. Either the 4870X2 or the GTX295 will do what you need.

    Go for price. Do not go for a crossfire or SLI configuration for that resolution. If ATI or Nvidia's next release is anything like the last few big graphics card releases, getting that card will be better than "upgrading" to a crossfire or SLI solution.
  6. Sapphire 4850x2 2gb bang for bucko... save money, the econ's crummy ;)
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