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I have water cooler aquagate duo viva and i want to install on my intel x58 motherboard.I don't know what to do because it supports lga 775 socket.Please help me
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  1. That radiator is NOT going to work for a Core i5. It is a 60x120mm radiator, Core i5/i7 like at least 120x120, if overclocking 120x240 MINIMUM.

    You could get away with using the original pump and tubing, but I would seriously suggest getting new blocks, pump, and rad.
  2. I am between thermaltake 850i and gigabyte 3d galaxy ii.Which of them you suggest?
  3. I'd lean toward the Thermaltake myself, seems like a pretty decent setup, and has a more 'industrial' feel than the Gigabyte system. Either should work well enough.
  4. If you know thermaltake cools vga and cpu?Because i know that 3d galaxy is cooling ram,cpu,vga.Please correct me if i am wrong.I want a water cooler to cool my cpu and vga at least.
  5. The Thermaltake is CPU only, it seems.

    With the Core i7 you will need a single radiator - the Gigabyte 3D Galaxy and TTake 850i radiator is the smallest you can use on a stock i7, so if you want to add VGA into the loop you will need a radiator of at least 240x120mm. You could go for the Gigabyte system to get the VGA cooling, then just enlarge the radiator on it to allow for the increased heat load.

    The problem with both of those systems is that they were designed with Pentium 4 and Core 2 Duo processors in mind, which produce less heat than the Core i7.

    I would also suggest going through the sticky in this forum on watercooling. There is a lot of information there about the problems people may encounter.
  6. If you know you can tell me which water cooler is appropriate to cool my vga and cpu?
  7. I'm not entirely certain, since most of the cooling equipment I use is completely custom-made - living in South Africa makes computer cooling components prohibitively expensive. For example, Thermaltake makes a 120mm radiator that fits into a 5.25" bay. Here, one of those radiators can easily cost the equivalent of $150.00 plus. By contrast, $20.00 gets you a 250x180x30 heater core from a car. Same story with the pumps, tubing, and blocks.

    Can anybody else maybe add some input here?
  8. Spending $200 on quality components will get you a lot further than $200 on a TT or Gigabyte kit. I'd steer clear of 'kits' and if you do some research on components, you will learn a lot about what to get, and a ton of what to avoid.
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