New System Shuts down on restart

Hey guys,

I couldn't find anyone having issues with the same set-up as me, I am running:

Core i7 920
6gb Super Talent DDR3
WD 10,000 RPM 300gb HD
Geforce core 216 GTX260
Antec nine-hundred case
EVGA x58 mb

Basically after my initial install of windows when it asked to restart the pc restarted, for a few seconds it began to load everything then just shut down. After about 6-10 tries the pc started up again and worked fine. I can get this system to run completely stable while playing WoW, but if I ever have to restart it it just shuts down after a few seconds and then I have to power it on 6-10 times so it will stay on.

I have done the initial install with only 1 2gb stick of memory and have yet to add the other 2 because of the current issues. I realy didn't think this would be a memory issue though because I can get everything to power and stay powered on with no issues for hours but it takes me hitting the power button many times.

Any help is appreciated on this one.
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  1. I have been reading a bit more and also found out it may be related to the ABS Tagan Z power supplies. Apparently EVGA mbs are not compatible with them. Will be testing this when I get home from work.
  2. If it only happened from a cold boot, I would say PSU for sure. This is happening on restart though... that makes me think motherboard.

    I suppose your Tagan could just have out-of-spec voltage ripple, that becomes worse at first while the load is being increased.

    If you end up getting a new PSU, look for Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, or Antec... any others ask first before buying.
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